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Audio Reel to CD

Audio Reels degrade in the same way VHS and other video tapes do, with a shelf life of ~10 x years, which is the perfect reason to ensure that you can still enjoy those recordings from the audio reel era before the sounds fade away. Important memos recorded on a dictaphone or a special voice recording or mixture of music on an audio reel can all be transferred to CD in MP3 format with ASDA Photo Legacy.

Like our video to DVD services we like to make transferring your precious audio memories as easy as possible. Audio Reels can have multiple layers and be used on both sides, so we have a minimum order of 500ft, and then per 100ft after that. You can always give us a call or drop us an email if you need help with your audio reels.

£150 Up to 500ft

£180 Audio Reel 500-600ft

£210 Audio Reel 600-700ft

£240 Audio Reel 700-800ft

£270 Audio Reel 800-900ft

£300 Audio Reel 900-1000ft

All audio reels are digitised before being copied to CD. Unlike standard transfers this enables the best possible play-back quality for our customers. All audio orders are returned on CD with the new digital files in MP3 format. Additional DVD or USB copies are available as add-ons during the checkout process.

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